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I have started finishing my 750 sq. ft. basement. Here are the plans I have so far... 6mil plastic vapor barrier over concrete floor. 1 XPS foam on walls, 1/2 XPS on floors (ceilings aren't that high) all sealed/taped. From there I am looking at laying carpet for flooring, so I need a subfloor. Why carpet? My wife want's carpet for the kids because the rest of our house is hard floors. Now, after looking around a bit I couldn't find anything about laying carpet on a floated OSB plywood floor. I'm thinking there is a reason this isn't done, probably the carpet wears differently or comes detached from the tackstrips more easily? Anyway, I'd love to know if it's possible to lay a carpet on a floated plywood floor. Saves a lot of time and money without needing to Tapcon the subfloor... Anyway, since it's probably not an option, I'm going to assume I have to Tapcon the plywood. I'm thinking of using 2 staggered layers of 1/4 OSB so the floor is as flat/level as possible without adding too much height. Then for the walls to avoid having to use PT lumber which still doesn't guarantee rot, and since none of the walls are load-bearing I was hoping I could just screw/nail the bottom wall plates into the plywood. Would this work? I'm looking at the from an extremely economical viewpoint, so don't throw out suggestions like DriCore. Heck, I'm just planning to paint the whole ceiling/pipes/etc. black to avoid putting up drywall or a drop ceiling. Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Category: Carpet Post By: TRACEY QUINN (Palatine, IL), 02/19/2019

Install carpet directly on to concrete with an 8lb moisture barrier pad. Is there a particular reason you want to put plywood on top of the concrete?

- JEROME SCHNEIDER (Warner Robins, GA), 04/19/2019

I'm laying down 1/2 XPS foamboards for moisture control (probably also using a 6mil plastic vapor barrier between the XPS and the conrete as well just to be on the safe side). Then I'm thinking of floating two layers of OSB plywood on top of the XPS foam, staggering the plywood for more strength and to keep the floor flat for whatever flooring I choose. I'm really looking for whether or not you can put carpet down on a floated plywood floor like that, or if I'll have to Tapcon the plywood to have a sturdy, unmoving subfloor for the carpet? The reason for XPS/OSB is for moisture protection as well as added warmth.

- Clark John (Tampa, FL), 05/16/2019

I've never done what you are planning to do. I don't understand the benefit of 2 layers of quarter-inch OSB, even if they are offset. A single layer of half-inch (I'd prefer CDX plywood) would be stronger. And yes, I'd fasten it to the concrete in some fashion too, with some kind of moisture barrier between.

- BEATRICE HOLLAND (Somerville, MA), 03/01/2019

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