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I do believe I am cursed. First truck broke into. Then argument about patching compound. Now I had a friend call and ask if I would look at a job for him I said sure. He told me what was going on. I said I would meet him and his installer at 9 a.m. this morning. We get there I expect a glue problem from what I was told and that the installer didn't use enough adhesive. Well was I wrong so here what's going on and lets see what everyone else thinks. The job is on 5th floor of a 20 story building. Bubbles in traffic areas only. Still stuck to floor under chairs around walls etc. Pattern carpet in main area cut pile carpet in offices. Carpet in office is bubbled only where carpet was broke in half to get in the elevator but only in the traffic area not under chairs, around walls etc. When you pull the carpet back there is good transfer on floor and back of carpet but there is a oily feel to the back of the carpet and the floor. The installer said that when he was installing the job that glue gave off a very bad ammonia smell. Sorry I don't have enough good pictures besides I don't know how to upload from my iPad yet.
Category: Carpet Post By: DENISE RICHARDSON (Melbourne, FL), 02/09/2019

Do you think something is wrong with the backing?

- EDWARD THOMPSON (Taylorsville, UT), 04/22/2019

Jon, The guys are going to ask what adhesive was used, what backing does the cpt have, new or old slab..........................and of course the Ortie rule applies Probably might as well tell us what mill while your at it. So we can look it up. I would like to know how far you pulled it back. Did you go far enough to see what the adhesive was doing at the bubble areas? Rob

- Jason H (Yonkers, NY), 04/10/2019

The adhesive was a multi purpose they are getting me the exact name. I'm not sure what mill. The carpet was pulled back where bubbles were and there was transfer with that oily feel I was talking about. It's an action backed carpet with no delamantion. This was not a new slab and did have carpet on it before. I don't think it's a carpet problem. And what in the world is the ortie rule?

- JAMIE WEBER (Centennial, CO), 03/12/2019

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