Forum Title: Padding on landings
Hey, who else has a pet peeve in regards to no padding on the lower, middle and upper landings, when padding has been specified for the steps. It's one of those gray areas with so many different opinions and concerns. Mike
Category: Carpet Post By: SARA PRICE (Apple Valley, MN), 02/11/2019

Why would anyone NOT install padding on landings when it was specified for a stairway carpet job? Or maybe I don't get your question. Jim

- LINDA P (Oakland, CA), 03/30/2019

Jim McClain said: ? Why would anyone NOT install padding on landings when it was specified for a stairway carpet job? Or maybe I don't get your question. JimClick to expand... Because they were told to !! Just install it the same as the existing method. Hey Jim, it's like this, picture a back staircase in a commercial bldg. Typical concrete treads and landings with steel risers, but the top and bottom landing are more like hallway size rather than landing size. The padding is only installed on the stair treads and all the landings are installed direct glue, just like the adjoining upper and lower hallway carpeting. However, this back staircase is separated by two doorways, So, it would be my inclination, as well as yours, to specify Tread more or the like, everywhere !! and divide the two doorways w/ a T-track insert............... but for some reason, in this area, it seems to be more common, just to direct glue those landings. as the previous installer has done. Mike

- Kyle Compton (Houston, TX), 04/18/2019

I don't do copycat installations (rather, I didn't). If the previous installation was done wrong or had apparent problems, I'm sure not gonna duplicate them. If a landing is hallway size, then it must be a hallway, not a landing. If the specifier, contractor or owner said no pad, then no pad would be installed. But that would not prevent me from discussing the disadvantages of it with the powers that be. And I don't mean undermine the person who sold or specified it that way either. I wouldn't discuss the err' of the retailer's ways with the end user; I'd go to the retailer. I wouldn't tell the contractor what a goofball the specifier was, I'd go to the specifier to discuss the pros and cons. If I thought a decision was bad, I'd discuss it with the person who hired me. If all hallways were direct-glue, then it might be prudent to install all hallway-like areas the same way. I might discuss with someone the advantage of adding pad to any or all hallways because of their concentrated traffic, but the final decision wouldn't be mine to make. It is not an improper installation technique to direct glue carpet, whether it be in a hall, on a landing or even on steps. It only prolongs the life and makes the carpet more comfortable. It's not a requirement by industry standard, as far as I know. Jim

- NAOMI BLAIR (Flint, MI), 03/09/2019

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